The Stairs – Down My Street (from unreleased 2nd album, 1993-ish) DOWNLOAD

The Isrites – Baby Come On Home (live 1996-ish, this recording is pretty poor but gives you the feel of the band) DOWNLOAD

The Big Kids – I’m Bored (the best rock song to ever come out of Liverpool? 1999-ish) DOWNLOAD


The Stairs? You can find biographies and interviews online.

The Isrites were Edgar’s band after The Stairs, before The Big Kids. Never mind the best unsigned band from Liverpool, they were just about the best band from Liverpool. Grooves like The Meters – vocals a cross between Otis and Iggy. Amazing.

Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones is now doing music for The Viper Label and they’ve released some cracking recordings from various stages of Edgar’s ‘career’ . Give it a listen.

I’d love to hear any Isrites demos / live recordings that are out there – plus The Big Kids stuff and unreleased Stairs. Anybody help me out?

Also, if you want me to post more Edgar rarities let me know.