Ian Brown – Illegal Attacks – Video and Lyrics

August 20, 2007


Ian Brown Illegal Attacks Lyrics

So what the fuck is this UK
Gunnin’ with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan

Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
Fail to drop it’s bombs from the sky?

How many mothers to cry?
How many sons have to die?
How many missions left to fly over Palestine?
‘Cause as a matter of facts
It’s a pact, it’s an act
These are illegal attacks
So bring the soldiers back
These are illegal attacks
It’s contracts for contacts
I’m singing concrete facts
So bring the soldiers back

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

So tell me just how come were the Taliban
Sat burning incense in Texas
Roaming round in a Lexus
Sittin’ on six billion oil drums
Down with the Dow Jones, up on the Nasdaq
Pushed into the war zones

It’s a commercial crusade
‘Cause all the oil men get paid
And only so many soldiers come home
It’s a commando crusade
A military charade
And only so many soldiers come home

Soldiers, soldiers come home
Soldiers come home

Through all the blood and sweat
Nobody can forget
It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight
It’s the size of the fight in the dog on the day or the night
There’s no time to reflect
On the threat, the situation, the bark nor the bite
These are commercial crusades
‘Cos all the oil men get paid
These are commando crusades
Commando tactical rape
And from the streets of New York and Baghdad to Tehran and Tel Aviv
Bring forth the prophets of the Lord
From dirty bastards fillin’ pockets
With the profits of greed

These are commercial crusades
Commando tactical raids
Playin’ military charades to get paid

And who got the devils?
And who got the Lords?
Build yourself a mountain – Drink up in the fountain
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home
Soldiers come home

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

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65 Responses to “Ian Brown – Illegal Attacks – Video and Lyrics”

  1. sheila Says:

    makes you shiver dunnit?

  2. Adam Says:

    What can i say Mr Brown does it again, he really is a god like genius

  3. Benru Says:

    Excelent. Great lyrics

  4. […] Attacks is an anti-war song featuring Sinead O’Connor urging the US and UK governments to “bring the soldiers back home”. The striking thing about the song, to my mind, is its scarcity […]

  5. […] to that list with his recent single with Sinead O Connor, ‘illegal attacks’, which urges the return of US & UK soldiers currently in Iraq. Wikipedia Edits One of my favourite wikipedia edits is still the Penny Arcade comic “I have […]

  6. […] Attacks is an anti-war song featuring Sinead O’Connor urging the US and UK governments to "bring the soldiers back home". The striking thing about the song, to my mind, is its scarcity […]

  7. Simon Says:

    This is fucking dreadful. Quite apart from the subliterate and politically moronic lyrics, the music is utter powerless and forgettable. Sure to be a hit with clueless, uninformed shitheads that like the appearance of dissent without the effort of knowledge as much as they like the idea of rock’n’roll without the grit and violence of the real thing.

  8. John Says:

    @simon: ??? WTF do you mean by your subliterate and politically moronically correct pro war comments. Pls don’t visit blogs such as these. Go to Texas fill out the form and go to Iraq where I’m sure you’ll enjoy torturing innocent men and raping helpless women.

  9. Davie Says:

    If more songs like this were allowed into the charts then something might be done. Instead we have mindless sterile glamour music

  10. jul Says:

    Sorry, but its lyrically pretty poor and the song is published 3 years too late. Now the war is already so unpopular that even a major record company can sell this song and make profit on it. Sorry Ian Brown, but your just hopping on a train, thats already moving for a while.

    Anyway, we need more politically motivated music instead of mindless starpop. So far Davie is very right.

  11. Wolf Says:

    Like all great poetry, it’s thought provoking and true. Like all bangin tunes, it sounds good. Just tell Aunty Beeb to stop appologising every time they play it.

    Fond regards,

    darkling Wolf

  12. Bruce Says:

    I agree. BBC Radio 1 to 7 has a social responsibility and shouldn’t apologise when News 24 is happy to screen the aftermath of car bombings and other acts in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else the US Flag has left it’s dirty mark. I am ashamed that UK has sold out to these banjo playing, cousin shagging idiots from Texas and all hail Ian Brown for making a mark. As for it being 3 x years too late, I don’t accept this remark when anti-war movement is now at it’s peak in the US and UK.

  13. Philip Says:

    I’m a massive Ian Brown fan and I know where Ian stands on all this – I am however a bit disappointed with the lack of understanding about todays state of play in Iraq et al.

    The situation spawned by undoubted foul play on the part of the coalition has grown and transpired to something completely different. People who think that withdrawing troops will end the suffering is deluded, uninformed and childish – just take a look what happened to the innocents in Nam after the withdrawal at the hands of their own country men and you will know why we cannot just abandon the situation.

    If you think the killing is bad now – you ain’t seen nothing yet. This thing is far from over. Ian would be better saying that the war was illegal and heads will roll but now we have to pull together to make sure that the innocent people are protected and safe, lets get the fuck out but lets do it right. This would have been much more radical and useful.

    Still love you Ian x


  14. Yossarian Says:

    This is just populist and bland. Ian Browne puts absolutely no deeper thinking into the lyrics. The song is merely skin deep and the record company is just cashing in combining tabloid headlines and an established pop star. As for poetry, the lyrics have absolutely no poetic, emotional, political or mystic merit. This is another anti-military song. Pulling out the soldiers now may well leave Iraq in a Rwanda type situation which would be absolute catastrophie. The US/UK went in for the wrong reasons, but we are where we are.

  15. Micky Says:

    Firstly, I can see the frustrations of certain people who say it isn’t his best work musically or that he is 3 years too late with his protest. My own frustration will be if this is jujst a flash in the pan. Since the BBC was crushed over the Gilligan/Dr Kelly affair most of the media have been scared to be critical and expose the lies of the US and UK governments. The more artists voice an opinion and keep these issues alive in the minds the better. It’s not his best work but it is powerful enough to provoke debate. The reasons behind these outrages must not be forgotten. I trust Ian Brown has produced this song not for personal gain but to make sure of this. Sinead O Connor is inspired casting.

  16. TRUTH Says:


  17. Mo Says:

    IRAN is next…
    Only our blood will stop these maniac politicians from massacring millions…
    All good people must rise and be counted.

  18. Aslan Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Was told about this by a mate and as usual Mr Brown (and Sinead!)tells it how it is. Lets get the fuck out of everywhere and forge a new ‘special relationship’ ie one where the US rightly falls to its knees and asks for forgiveness for its war crimes.
    America is a great country being misled by a government within a government..Brill lyrics espousing exactly what ALL Americans know but dare not say…..

  19. Dan Says:

    Wonderful song, truthful and catchy. I’m in awe of Mr. Brown. As far as what Simon says, his head is so far up his arse the lump in his neck’s his fucking nose. The song states only that the situation in the middle east is fucked up, that the US and UK are there illegally and that people are suffering whether over there are over here. The US openly admitted it went to Iraq and is staying there for Oil and Oil alone not too far back. Our boys are dying as a result and openly admitted they would’ve gone in with or without the UK.

    It seems Gordon Brown is finally pulling troops out of Iraq which is good. Regardless, I guaruntee the US will be there at least under Bush. Iraq is destined for Civil War.

    As for the US bashing (being a Brit myself), it would be ridiculously hypocritical to blame them for the war. When the Weapons of Mass Destruction novel was released, more people than ever were happy to go to war here in the UK… They won’t admit that though. I thought we should’ve gone to war, now I think we should pull back. I’m sure the scenerio was similar across the pond. Views change after your son, father, husband, daughter, wife or mother dies over there I suppose… But thats another matter.

    Soldiers, come home.

  20. LogicUK Says:

    wow!!! the most Brilliant song & lyrics, the most comprehensive verson of todays politics is put in a 4 min song…Pure Genius…
    Well done Ian.

  21. LogicUK Says:

    just read Sad Simon “the war whore” either you are a moron or an employee of BAe or whatever war profiteering org.

  22. LogicUK Says:

    yaa go enrol yourself & bugger off to Afghanistan or Iraq.

  23. mike Says:

    War is bad, but…
    It’s all good and well to protest and wish for the safe return of the soldiers from Iraq, but bundling the Israeli Palestinian conflict in to it (just for the rimes?) and implying that it is part of the same thing is ignorant at best. these are tow different issues! putting the Israeli air force as an aggressor motivated by the “oil war” is maybe vary popular and convenient for the song (get two birds with one stone) but it does in justice to the Palestinians and Israelis alike and telling their real unbiased story.

  24. John_B Says:

    Genius…pure genius I must say…the lyrics are great & the way its sung is brilliant.
    As far as the last commentrator who either is totally clueless to the global politics [apartheid Israel is able to be an agressor/ occupier/murderer coz of Western support& fact is its never the size of the dog…its all part of a big equation] is a party to this crime. Now more & more starting to realise how we are duped into believing governments versions of events taking place & what the reality is (internet is filled with factual information…just need to have the desire for truth)recent biggest proof is book by former Fed Reserve Alan Greenspan classic quote “the war[against Iraq] was for oil”

  25. mike_d Says:

    as long as soldiers are in the field fighting for oil, as long as israel is still the largest recipient of american foreign aid and as long as overt tyranny exists anywhere in the world it’s never to late for bangin’ anthems like this one! nice one ian!

  26. Jav Says:

    Wake up people! This is an awful song. The politics are so simplistic and lazy minded it’s unreal, an insult to people’s intelligence if you ask me. Fine if you like crude, populist sentiments spelt out for you exactly in big red crayon. He doesn’t know what he’s on about. Ian Brown’s not a very bright bloke and that’s why he plays this mystic sage type figure who doesn’t say much. If he was a bright bloke he would be aware of the complete hypocrisy he exhibits by denouncing commercialism and global capitalism while being sponsored by Adidas (a global corporation who make use of cheap labour in developing countries) and even designing a trainer for them! He would also be struck by the irony that is, while denouncing the actions of the UK and USA, he’s making a quick buck for himself and his record company (another global corporation!) by flogging these ideas that are about three years old anyway. And I really don’t want to hear pseudo spiritual, love-all-humanity guff from an impossibly arrogant guy who has a history of being a violent twat.

    Come to think of it, if you take away all the hero-worshipping of yet another macho-posturing Neanderthal, all the ‘King Monkey’, ‘genius’ (hmmm), ‘attitude over art’, ‘cool-as-fook’ type hyperbole that his fans indulge in, Ian has made one (exceptionally, to my mind) good album with the Stone Roses and just a handful of memorable tracks as a solo artist, and that’s it. I did buy solarised because I was reviewing an Ian Brown gig for my student paper and wanted to be familiar with the songs. That was a load of shite, and I bet his new album is too. Don’t believe the hype.

  27. V4Vendta Says:

    sadly it boils down to GREED… pure & simple greed which drive our governments to invade countries & capture their resources & in the process slaughtering & maiming innocents in millions. Unfortunately a lot of us don’t realise, care or are duped into believing “war on terror”. Media whores just follow government lines in hiding the truth & endorsing their version. There are truly spineless!!!
    Its refreshing to see Ian taking a stand & thats why he is admired. I am really moved by the unique way its composed & lyrics are outstanding!!! WELL DONE IAN, YOU GOT MY VOTE!!!

  28. Matt Says:

    Not timely they say. Here is a headline from CNN news (note today’s date): “Top Democratic candidates won’t vow full Iraq pullout by 2013”.

    I think these lyrics are right on. Obviously it’s not getting through to the masses so even if these lyrics are under you intellectually … maybe they’re just right for some of these sheep to get the clue.

  29. mike_d Says:

    oy – javdeep..
    if you write for your student newspaper you must surely know what a bloody comma-splice is you ponce. then again, i guess the london college of computing doesn’t really give a toss about that sort of thing now do they???
    yeah, that’s right – i’m critiquing your grammar. ‘cuz’ quite frankly, that’s about all your politics are worth…nobody’s talking about sucking ian’s dick and putting him up on a pedestal. it’s just proper lyrics and beats and the last time i checked the world is still at fucking war with itself. so, why the fuck wouldn’t the bloke write a modern protest song!

  30. Rami Says:

    You rock, Bra. First time I heard about your music, got it recommended in an email from a friend. Definitely keep it up.

  31. Jav Says:

    Cool stuff, Mike. Don’t try to tackle any of the issues I’ve raised; just attack my grammar, criticise my politics (which I didn’t even reveal – you must have dreamt them like Ian Brown has dreamt an invasion of Iran), and call me a ponce. The real stuff of intelligent debate.

    Could you answer a question for me? Does it strike you as a little incongruous that Ian Brown rails against commercialism while being sponsored by a global sports brand?

    Sorry for not having enough time to meticulously proofread anything I post on any forum.

  32. Gerome Says:

    All respectable comments, excepting the fact that no-one has noticed that the lyrics are wrong. “Gunnin with the ‘USA?”…should read “Going in with the USA” but then again maybe I’m being pedantic.

  33. michael mcardle Says:

    well done mr brown. nice to see someone telling it like it is. cant help but notice how little air play this song n video is recieving. mmm wonder why. talk about democracy you gotta laugh or else you would cry. if only…

  34. Mr. Jesus Says:

    This is a song full of bullshit. Do you idiot british fuckers not understand what would happen if the US and Britian left Iraq?
    It would implode and become a breeding ground for terrorists. I must admit that some things were definantly done wrong in the war, but now that we are in, we cannot leave.

    argh your anti-war idiot political views are fucking annoying and pointless

  35. Gary_L Says:

    Mr. Jesus sounds like he believes the propaganda he sees in the media. The CIA themselves said that an invasion of Iraq would increase the threat of terrorism. This war has nothing to do with your bogus war of terror. The longer it goes on, the greater the threat of future terrorism. You reactionary war-mongering types need to engage with
    real intellectual thinking. Check out Noam Chomsky’s thoughts on the situation. As for the song, great stuff Ian, keep them coming.

  36. The resurrected Says:

    As protest songs go he is no Dylan, in fact, as protest songs go he is not even The Proclaimers. Utter garbage.

  37. Barry Says:

    what a crock of turd. Ian, you clearly no fuck all about the situation in either, Iran, Iraq or Palestine and are intending to make a quick buck out of writing some BS about it. You sicken me. I have lost all respect for you now. I lost a lot of respect for your leftwing hippy style BS many moons ago but did not expect you to sink this low.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we aren’t actually in Iran. Secondly, we aren’t in Palestine, and thirdly, we are hardly in Iraq! They are managing to kill themselves quite well from what I can see.

    Please do some research on the Israel / Palestine conflict, instead of siding with who you have determined to be the underdog in all of this. Hezbollah fire hundreds of rockets into Isreal each day but no one bats an eyelid and they fake news reports which the BBC pick up on as real (the red Cross ambulance incident for one).

    I note you’ve converted to Islam. Is this related to the lyrics in anyway? Hmm…..

  38. AfghanBoy Says:

    Guys, im a sergeant in our queens “glorious” military, and ive got to be honest i love this song and everything it stands for. Ian, although a bit late is making a statement over an issue which we all, the military that is, thought was right but our politicians obviously sold all of us down a long, a very long river. Were losing our friends and colleagues out in Afghanistan every single day. This song is only a statement, and yeah late, but its right. This US of A sold the world down the stream and now the whole world is paying, Madrid, London etc. So yeah, fkn bring us home, let the Yanks and their propaganda machine play on their own people and not us Brits, were not that gullible anymore.

  39. revealing truth to barry Says:

    @barry: so no British soldiers in Palestine? And no connection whatsoever to Palestine with the British? Yeah, right, Barry. “Please do some research on the Israel / Palestine conflict”? Go and take a history lesson youurself first, Barry. Not that the song is too subtle, though. And it is too late. But some revisionist crap like yours will not help. Get enlighted, man. (Though that seems hopeless: “I note you’ve converted to Islam. Is this related to the lyrics in anyway? Hmm…..” What a chauvinist pig you are, Barry. Shame on you.)

  40. revealing truth to barry II Says:

    I can guarantee that this barry guy is either an agent just doing is job (recent discovery that CIA & other agencies edit wikipedia etc or is a pro Israeli.you got to be pretty thick otherwise not to see whats going on out there. Ian has put this beautifully… I absloutely loved it

  41. revealing truth to barry II Says:

    Anyone who believe the lies & buy “war on terror” crap should do some research, I will strongly recommend these:



  42. Yossarian Says:

    The best thing that could be said of this song and it’s dreadful lyrics is that it has inspired some sort of debate. I am involved in the military and whether your individual viewpoint is that UK involvement in Iraq is utterly wrong and unlawful or the engagement is vital to the prevention of international terrorism (or anywhere between these two polar points on the political spectrum) Mr Brown’s latest output is nothing but offensive.

    It really bugs me that an ignorant music personality (It’s a pretty safe bet that Mr Brown does not have a politics degree nor has he written a thesis international relations of the middle east etc.) can drag themselves out of their latest drug haze and hold so much influence over people with such a song as illegal attacks. To top it off Browne and his commercially driven Music company are likely to profit massively from this release. From this alone Brown could make more money than many serving in Iraq will do in their entire careers. Browne releases this sort of tosh whilst men and women in the forces are putting thier lives on the line. And, I am not sure what O’Conner is on about? and her people? What does this mean? I supose this nicely rounds off a nonsensical tune.

    I would completely review all said if Mr Browne made a real statement and gesture, such as giving all profits made to the British Legion or Red Crescent or Red Cross or any other organisation that helps the victims of such conflicts.

    As for those who think Browne’s lyrics as genial and and are moved etc, I can only guess that they have not heard politics and music mixing to produce a real message. Can I suggest you get your hands on a copy of Rage Against The Machine’s original first album of the same name. That record, even though some 15 years old, cleverly combines poetry and music to produce a red hot potically charged message that hits very hard – right between the eyes – even today. If the RATM lead singer Zack de la Rocha (a music man with a background in politics) were to release a song about the middle east, I would suggest everyone sit up an listen.

  43. Philip Says:

    Yossarian: I think you need to learn a bit about Ian Brown before you start slagging him off.

    No matter what you think of the song his intentions are good. Ian Brown is a well read man who has given more than most to numerous communities, any monies he earns from this song are only coming back around to him. So, he doesn’t need to walk the streets giving away his money to those in need, he’s already done it.

    People join the army to serve their country and sometimes that means going to war, it’s a free choice, they’re doing their job – Brown chose to be a singer, he’s doing his; so comparing the pay packets and what they do for it of the two is pointless. Their lives are on the line because they have chosen to be there.

    I believe that if everyone walks away there will be some serious blood shed (as I have stated above in a previous post), but what might happen if our military said – right fuck this, we’re off – and just started walking. Maybe a massive gesture of peace like this might spark something off in the people.

    I don’t know, I don’t have a degree in politics either; but since when do you learn the difference between right and wrong from a text book?

  44. israeli guy Says:

    “Does not a day go by
    Without the Israeli Air Force
    Fail to drop it’s bombs from the sky?….I’m singing concrete facts”

    mr. brown, Israel doeswnt attack every day the palestinian. when she does, it’s to stop sueciders from bombing themselvse in tel aviv or jerusalem.

    i don’t know how someone not from Israel or palestine claims to know everythyng about what’s going on there.
    i was in london few years ago, and the israeli army retaleated for a certain action of the palestinian(usually that’s how it works)and i saw it on BBC and i thuagt ‘oh my god, what are thay doing to them? they’re buchering them!”
    when i spoke on the phone with israel and they told me what’s realy went on, i relaxed.
    it is just the way the media shows it to you.

    i wrote it just to let you know that if you really want to know what is going on here, you have to be here, not sit in beautiful and calm london and to claim to know everything about the world’s problems.

  45. Sam S Says:

    Palestine / Israeli Conflict
    Over 60 years ago the Palestinian People where ousted from there land. Since then they have been subjugated and treated as lesser people with restrictions imposed upon them. Geographically divided literally!

    The Palestinians provided a safe heaven to Jews during WW2.

    Zionism is a political movement anit-zionist does not equal anti-jew. In fact many faithful Jews are anti-zionist.

    How would the above poster (Israeliboy) explain / justify the Shabnam Shatila Massacre of 1982? Or would he just deny it. Arael Sharon supervised the event from a watchtower whilst Phalangists moved systematically butchered Palestinians (including women & children). The event lasted for a number of days.

    There exists in UK Labour friends of Israel & also Conservative friend of Israel. Is there a a comparative group for friends of Palestine?

    Which ever party governs the UK is a friend of Israel! Tony Blair (former UK PM and currently UN Peace Envoy to Middle East) is known to have said ‘Israel has no greater friend than that of the UK’. With a statement like that how can the position of the UK be impartial?

    “To remain impartial in a situation is to side with the aggressor” – Unknown from South Africa

    Palestinians remain impoverished whilst Israelis have flourished

    I believe that all humans are equal. Not some more than others. I understand that Israel segregates its own population of Jewish people. Some are much more equal than others

    European Jews at the top and others in ‘Castes’ below, where your permitted to live is in part down to this.

    I don’t condone suicide bombers. I strongly condemn it (a family member has died as a result of 7/7) I can’t condone oppression of the Palestinians it must be condemned also to wrongs don’t make a right. The cycle of violence has to end before peace (a lasting peace) can be enjoyed by all who deserve it (Israelis and Palestinians alike)

    Martin Luther King jr summarizes my opinion

    ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere’

    Whilst the violence continues the vicious circle will never lose momentum.


    US Foreign Policy

    Since the end of WW2 US FP has been intent on destabilising and controlling other countries – 75 invasions or incursions after WW2, possibly more (much more). CIA plays both sides of the fence in any situation, supplying arms to militias (see Congo, Colombia, Chile & Vietnam)

    Focus is moving on from Iraq to Iran. Similar lies and distortions are being touted as fact in order to engender ill feeling towards Iran, a country who has not attacked another country in over 300 years. A country who is progressing and trying to better itself improving the circumstances of its population, hence the nuclear power programme (USA remains the only country to use the Nuclear in aggression) other countries are permitted to have nuclear abilities and many are known to have nuclear weapons.

    The concept of mutually assured destruction is not an enticing concept; but when your opposition has this ability it becomes sought after and can be perceived as the best option for national protection.

    Another irony is evident here; The current President of Iran is in power due to in part ill feeling towards the west (mainly US & UK) in the past there has been a positive President of Iran though he was removed from power and put on trial for some trumped up charges (President Mossadeq)


    For further reading and elucidation I suggest reading Information Clearinghouse (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/)

    John Stockwell (former CIA Agent)

  46. Hypocrites hater Says:

    And this one is a commercial propaganda. If the Israelis are that bad, why does he keep selling his CDs there? Guess murderers are not that bad when it come to money…

  47. There is no "Palestine" Says:

    “The Palestinians provided a safe heaven to Jews during WW2.”

    Historical revisionism at its finest. The “Palestinians” should be paying reparations for their role in the Holocaust:

    “The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan… He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chamber of Auschwitz.” Dieter Wisliceny, Eichmann’s Deputy, Nuremberg

  48. There is no "Palestine" Says:

    “And this one is a commercial propaganda. If the Israelis are that bad, why does he keep selling his CDs there? Guess murderers are not that bad when it come to money…”

    Probably because “apartheid” Israel is the only country in the Middle East where his CDs are readily available. It’s also the only country where he’d be permitted to perform a concert.

    Fucktard Guardian-reading liberals though support the side that will sooner ban music rather than hold concerts.

    Still, history eventually caught up with the Nazi-collaborators. And these embarrassing, cheesy lyrics about the Jews constantly bombing everyone, will come back to haunt stoner boy and his ilk.

  49. There is no "Palestine" Says:

    “There exists in UK Labour friends of Israel & also Conservative friend of Israel. Is there a a comparative group for friends of Palestine?”

    There are groups that support the wrong side, yes. They are on the lunatic fringe of British politics, see Galloway, Short, Tonge and various other social misfits.

    “Which ever party governs the UK is a friend of Israel! Tony Blair (former UK PM and currently UN Peace Envoy to Middle East) is known to have said ‘Israel has no greater friend than that of the UK’. With a statement like that how can the position of the UK be impartial?”

    Why should we be impartial? Do we treat a murderer the same as his/her victim? Do we treat France the same way as, say, Zimbabwe? Israel is a democracy which actually gives back to the world. In the form of science, health and a wealth of technological advances. Just by being on the internet YOU are either directly or indirectly using Israeli technology. Their security technology is used in our airports and other public transport systems.

    Their alternative energy systems and water desalination technology will be of great significance in the future.


    The “Palestinians” on the other hand have given the UK precisely nothing.

    It really isn’t a difficult choice to support the side that gives us the latest Pentium chips, as opposed to those that provide the inspiration for bus and train bombings.

    “To remain impartial in a situation is to side with the aggressor” – Unknown from South Africa

    We’re not impartial. We support the correct side. Unfortunately our policy also seems to be the establishment of another terror state on Israel’s doorstep.

    Secondly, South Africa is a failed socialist experiment. It has the highest murder rate in the world, violent crime is through the roof, over 300,000 people die from HIV/AIDS in South Africa every year.

    It’s socially and financially more beneficial to be born next door to Israel.

    “Palestinians remain impoverished whilst Israelis have flourished”

    The “Palestinians” have received more aid per capita than any other state or people in history. In fact they’re about to receive another half a billion dollars from George Bush. It has been either deposited in Swiss bank accounts, used to bribe Western diplomats and journalists, or simply spent on weaponry.

    Secondly, up until the breakout of the “Intifadas” the “Palestinians” had the highest standard of living in the Middle East in comparison with the surrounding Arab states.

  50. katja Says:

    these lyrics are really stupid, omg.
    this is the end of me liking him…antisemites fuck off

  51. MJ Says:

    fuck pakistan! fuck iraq! fuck them all !

  52. MJ Says:

    this aint our war so why fight it

  53. JohnBenton Says:

    wow!!!beautiful song with brillient lyrics…pure genius the way message is put foward…we see that $$ with US economy is crumbling fast and dragging its allies in EU. followed by the likes of apartheid Israel will be on its knee (no more war for Israel…no more aid/funds for apartheid state)..2008 could be the begining of the end of Empire… all main indices points downward. More & more are realizing how we are lied to over & over…

  54. bill Says:

    The lyrics are WRONG. its not command tactic rape or raids, its commando tactic parades. plz change it.

  55. Israeli Air Force, huh? Says:

    I just heard today that I.B. was going to perform in Tel Aviv this week. I only heard one or two songs of his, and thought to look up some lyrics. And this is what I found…

    Firstly, the lyrics have the subtlety of a baseball bat. The songs is clearly targeted at ill-informed youngsters who oppose the war just because it’s the socially accepted opinion, and don’t really want to hear any facts at all (“I’m singing concrete facts”??? :S) It’s quite funny to read how anyone disagreeing with the song is getting shushed at in this thread, people clearly would rather not hear…

    Secondly… wtf? Israeli-palestine crisis is also because of oil? Funny, ’cause there’s not a drop of oil anywhere around the place. US and UK really do have a big economic interest in the region, and are putting many efforts in it. The interest is establishing peace here, not war, since that would ease tensions in all Middle East – West relationships. But that’s not even the point.

    There’s no comparison between the war in Iraq (justified or not) and a country that defends itself from terrorist attacks. It’s tempting to always take the side of the weak and poor, but this is NOT always the right side. And sending terrorists into city centers and schools with the purpose to kill as many as they can… well, you tell me if it’s right or wrong.

    Anyway, since Ian is going to perform in the murderous and apartheid Israel, I hope he gets booed as he deserves for being a hippocrate public-opinion puppet.

    P.S. Almost forgot about the music – well, nothing to say about it, actually. It sucks.

  56. turkish Says:


  57. anti- israelie air force, huh? Says:

    he doesn’t say palestine is bout oil smart ass, he’s just sayin bout ppl there suffering from the way 2, read the beginning, commercial crusade on iraq and iran and afganistan, he doesn’t say palestine, just palestine is affected by the war, dn’t attack wen u dn’t knw wat the dude is talkin bout

  58. anti- israelie air force, huh? Says:

    ppl suffering from the war not the way, sry typo

  59. ben iveson Says:

    fantastic song i love it.im in the army and totally agree with it.ian brown is a legend

  60. Hannahh Says:

    this is a really good song, my mum is in love with it (L):)

  61. John Says:

    I have written a song called WAR (Bring the Soldiers Back)

    with graphic video footage.

    What scope is there for a song at this point in time.



  62. Dave W Says:

    Amazing song only just discovered. Ian Brown is a genius

  63. “Ian Brown – Illegal Attacks – Video and Lyrics The Good Heads” really
    got myself hooked with your website! I actuallywill probably be
    returning a whole lot more frequently. Thanks -Esperanza

  64. Mick Says:

    Ian Brown sings about atrocities against Palestine, but not so long ago, the Stone Roses played in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia which has an appalling human rights record. I really have no time for all this double standards.

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