The La’s , Lee Mavers – When Will We See You Again? Pt2

May 13, 2007

When strangers chance upon Lee Mavers in Huyton or in town, they ask, ‘when is the new La’s record is out?’ he normally says something along the lines of, ‘really soon, or watch this space’. This has been going on for the last 17 years or so. Maybe, just maybe, one day he’ll put us out of our misery.

So what would the second La’s album sound like? I Am The Key and Was It Something I Said were destined for the second record and they are up there with the best but they never made it to vinyl or CD.

If you collect The La’s you’ll already have these two tracks from radio broadcasts…

The La’s – I Am The Key. DOWNLOAD

The La’s – Was It Something I Said. DOWNLOAD

And from the Kitchen tape…

The La’s – She Came Down In The Morning. DOWNLOAD

Human Race can be heard in our podcast. HERE
Rain Dance is penciled in for the next installment of the podcast.

lee drum


More Good Heads…

This Is Music.
The links to these MP3 files are only live for a short length of time. The idea is to get you into some cool music that maybe you haven’t heard before. You’ll then be armed with the knowledge to make some serious purchases of the artist’s back / future catalogue.


4 Responses to “The La’s , Lee Mavers – When Will We See You Again? Pt2”

  1. doovde Says:

    Could all be ok, cos I just found this…

    Troubadours @ Carling Academy – Thurs 06th Sept 07

    ‘We are much better up in Liverpool’ – tuts guitarist Johnny Mol, ‘ you should come and see us
    up there’ he says, as singer Mark Frith tunes his own guitar.
    In which case we should all up sticks and become scousers. Because these songs are so undeniably classic,
    they remind you why rock n roll was invented.
    Halfway through the set, the ‘Gimme Love’ single rattles past like a lazarus La’s .
    Wonderfully its only the fourth or fifth best song in their set.

    They play with an easy confidence assured without trying too hard to whip the crowd up.
    The secret weapon is Elmo Watts who seems the most naturally rythmic drummer since Reni hung his beanie up.
    Set closer ‘Where the rain falls’ is a multi-harmonised haze Arthur Lee would smile down on
    Even better ‘All the kings men’ will be 2008’s best single, shifting gears as it encapsulates the history of pop.
    They are utterly unstoppable. – 9/10, Channel 4 / Teletext

  2. doovde Says:

    Just had a little look and a listen of course, at their myspace site, and the song Gimme Love is particularly fine. And going on what that review is saying, then therecould be plenty of others too..

    So if we’ve gotta wait for Lee Mavers, then thats ok if we got the Troubadours as the soundtrack ha ha!!

  3. --- Says:


    3 Mirrors:



    01. Uncompress the .flac back out to .wav.

    02. Burn the .wav and .cue out to a CD.

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