You’ll Never Walk Alone

April 15, 2007

Anyone who ever had a heart knows why this post is here today. Keep on keepin’ on… The Good Heads

This is a celebration of a song…

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein for their 1945 musical, Carousel. It was sung in the original show by Christine Johnson and later Jan Clayton with chorus. In the movie Claramae Turner (although the weeping Shirley Jones first tries to sing it, but cannot) belts is out, and later reprised by Ms. Jones and a chorus.

You’ll Never Walk Alone became the anthem of the supporters of Liverpool FC in England in the sixties. The song has also been adopted by many other football clubs across the world most notably Celtic FC.

You’ll Never Walk Alone has been covered many, many times – the most well known of these versions (in the UK) being the Gerry and the Pacemakers standard dating from 1965. But this post has given me the opportunity to present some stunning recordings of a timeless song.

Ray Charles – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
Perhaps the most beautiful version not sung by the Kop? There’s so much hope in Ray’s heart has he belts this out. A pure show stopper.

Johnny Cash – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
Johnny Cash is already a hero of The Kop but few realise he recorded this cover. This track can be found on the Unearthed box set from 2003.

Gene Vincent – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
Similar arrangement to the Gerry version but with some rockin’ roll guitar, doo woop backing versions, alternative lyrics and cheesy final chord. Great.

Elvis Presley – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
This sounds like a hymn. You can see the golden sky when Elvis sings this.

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama – You´ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
How many great versions of this song are out there? Here’s another for the collection.

Aretha Franklin – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)
Jazzy gospel jam that oozes with class. This was the version John Peel chose to play back when he needed to.

The Kop Choir – You’ll Never Walk Alone. (the link has expired)


11 Responses to “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

  1. incendo Says:


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  3. anto Says:

    nice work lads. i doubt your not familar with it but on the off chance – there’s an instrumental ersion played by nina simone which bring a tear to a glass eye. as would many things on this most awful of days.


  4. Oliver Says:

    I love the song. I don’t know if Patti LaBelle recorded the tune, but I saw her do it on a PBS special and it was awesome.

    Aretha Franklin. What can one say about the Queen in her heyday? I saw her on the grandest stages America has to offer, including Canagie Hall, Philharmonic Hall, Madison Sq. Garden and Radio City Music Hall. She’s the grandest singer of them all.

    Boy, would I love to hear the glorious Bettye LaVette give it a total soul version. Now THAT would probably be the last word.

  5. sb Says:

    Here is Patti Labelle singing You’ll Never Walk Alone at the Apollo Anniversary Show. She got TWO standing ovations!

    THIS performance beats all performances, HANDS DOWN! NO CONTEST!

  6. goodheads Says:

    RE: Patti Labelle. Wow, she manages to fit about 15 notes in per word. And she also adds about 9 extra syllables per word. Like that’s a good thing.

    Any more versions I’ve missed? There’s the Frank Sinatra version, the Nina Simone version is cool, that Gerry what’s ‘is name…

  7. Tony Says:

    Jordin Sparks on American Idol just sang a beautiful version of this song last night.

  8. Maria-Rosa Says:

    Yes, Patti sings it GREAT.
    I have heard also a version by Barbra Streisand, not bad, but i am unable to find the link.
    Thank you very much. Nice work with all the versions. I really had a beautiful time listening to all of them.
    (Beg your pardon for my English; it is not my mother tongue, as probably you are guessing)

  9. radiofc Says:

    Nice work. Great song. Great team. YNWA

  10. Dave Says:

    Another version that deserves mention is Ray Quinn on the UK tv series, X-Factor.
    The lad is from Liverpool and sings it with such emotion.

    While we can probably argue till doomsday about the best version, I would like to suggest that this one is it:

    4 days after Hillsborough.
    The day ‘that publication’ published that despicable article.
    The day the 95th victim, the 14 year old Lee Nichols, dies in hospital without ever regaining consciousness.

    AC Milan hosts Real Madrid at the San Siro for a European Cup semi-final second leg.
    6 minutes into the game, the ref blows the final whistle and picks up the ball to indicate the start of a minute of commemoration for the Hillsborough victims.
    In European tradition, this is observed by clapping for a minute.

    Watch what happens about 20seconds in…

    It may well prove to be the greatest sign of solidarity shown by one group of fans to another.


  11. gustavo Says:

    When you walk through a storm keep your head up high,
    And don’t be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of a storm is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Walk on through the wind,
    Walk on through the rain,
    Tho’ your dreams be tossed and blown.
    Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
    And you’ll never walk alone,
    You’ll never walk alone!
    Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
    And you’ll never walk alone,
    You’ll never walk alone!

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