The Magical World of Michael Head, John Head and Shack

March 1, 2007

From the Kitchen Session, an embryonic version of Butterfly (a track that only recently surfaced on ‘…The Corner Of Miles And Gil 2006’)/ Your Mind And We Belong Together (jam) dating from the late 80s. Location a kitchen in Liverpool. DOWNLOAD

Lizzy Mallally sounds like it was recorded as a post-Waterpistol b-side. This version is far superior to the 2006 version. DOWNLOAD

24 Hours is perhaps the best non-album track of the HMS Fable period. DOWNLOAD



6 Responses to “The Magical World of Michael Head, John Head and Shack”

  1. Zenchan Says:

    Wow, 24 Hours is outstanding. Cheers for these Shack and La’s tracks [like several other people who have left you comments, I’m eagerly awaiting more La’s stuff :-)].

    If you’re ever loking for Primal Scream, Beach Boys or Spiritualized rarities, give me a shout!

  2. goodheads Says:

    Cheers Zenchan. Glad you’re liking it so far. We might have to arrange a Primals post soon.

  3. Zenchan Says:

    Well, when it comes to Primal Scream I can supply you with anything from Screamadelica demo versions and outtakes to modern live rarities like Bomb The Pentagon (afaik the only live airing it ever got), Doors and Dresden.

  4. anto Says:

    good to see yr back , thought we’d lost you. will be in liverpool soon for footah and wondered what clubs/venues may play the kind of stuff yr putting up on the blog.

    keep it rollin.


  5. Andrew Says:

    On those kitchen demos.. how many tracks does it go to? I’ve got 14, including a fine version of ‘what’s new pussycat’! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the rest.

  6. boss Says:

    Hey Zenchan, I’d be really interested in those Screamadelica demos/outakes, send me an email mate, lets see if we can trade….

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