Yes, Edgar from The Stairs, The Isrites and The Big Kids. Yes, he from Ian McCullough, Paul Weller, Saint Etienne and The La’s bass duties. Yes, he’s from Liverpool. Yes, he did release a solo album. Yes, the record company did pay £100 to send it in for nomination for the Mercury Music Prize. Yes, there is a Japanese import of the LP available featuring bonus live cuts such as this… DOWNLOAD
Yes, you should buy it.

Here’s what they said in Japan. LINK



From the Kitchen Session, an embryonic version of Butterfly (a track that only recently surfaced on ‘…The Corner Of Miles And Gil 2006’)/ Your Mind And We Belong Together (jam) dating from the late 80s. Location a kitchen in Liverpool. DOWNLOAD

Lizzy Mallally sounds like it was recorded as a post-Waterpistol b-side. This version is far superior to the 2006 version. DOWNLOAD

24 Hours is perhaps the best non-album track of the HMS Fable period. DOWNLOAD