The La’s , Lee Mavers – When Will We See You Again?

January 15, 2007

Some rare stuff by The La’s. Where do you start? Lee Mavers is sitting on a goldmine of amazing tracks (18 to 27 of them). But for now here are some odds and sods from various sessions…

This one’s called Rebound. It’s taken from ‘The Crescent rehearsal’, slyly recorded in the mid 90s. A studio version of this would be ace, eh? DOWNLOAD

From ‘the Kitchen sessions’ in the late 80s comes Our Time. DOWNLOAD

By way of contrast comes a rocking version of late 80s / early 90s live set closer Swashbuckler. DOWNLOAD

Next up is a version of Callin’ All dating from April 1986. That’s a long time ago. This is my favourite version of the song, proper spooky. DOWNLOAD

Finally, from the unreleased John Leckie session is Come In Come Out, late 80s. DOWNLOAD

Next time… I Am The Key, Raindance, Human Race, Was It Something I Said, etc?

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27 Responses to “The La’s , Lee Mavers – When Will We See You Again?”

  1. Bootleicious Says:

    Cheers mate lovin it!

  2. al Says:

    Any chance of the Arthur Lee live album going up on here?

  3. Cass Says:

    Amazing, Our time and rebound are something else, heart breaking he doesn’t release music anymore.

  4. Bruce Juice Says:

    Get some more of the crescent tapes up!

  5. Ed Says:

    Cheers, love that callin all any crescent tape stuff would be incredible.

  6. joe Says:

    was it something i said would be ace.

  7. goodheads Says:

    I’ll put more rare stuff up by The La’s over the coming months. All of it is in circulation already but there are loads of people finding this site because they are searching for info about Lee Mavers unreleased songs. I just wish we were talking about the second La’s album rather than a load of rehearsal tapes.

  8. Doug Says:

    Great downloads – can’t wait to hear human race and raindance – heard so much about them.

  9. Graeme Says:

    Cheers for these La’s tracks (and that gorgeous Shack demo). Is the Crescent Tape “out there” on the great big web anywhere?

  10. Judd Page Says:

    Is theer any chance I can hear raindance and Humna race anywear…I have heard of these songs being really good.

  11. Danny Says:

    Thanks for these. Any chance of some more 😉

  12. goodheads Says:

    I’ve been getting some shit for offering to put Rain Dance and Human race up, so I’m thinking about it. Might just put them up for a day or two…?

  13. Roger Says:

    A day or two would do fine.If there a tenth as good as what there rumoured to be they demand listening to.

  14. Steve Jonesy Says:

    can you let us know when Human Race will be posted up and that Raindance….are they really as good as ‘there she goes’?….. aparantly a magic bus type rhythm……let us hear them is you have them pretty please !!

  15. james Says:

    can you email us when raindance comes up – been waiting years to hear that!

  16. Jeff Says:

    I want to hear “I want my mommy”,”your foot stinks” and “I swallowed my lunch” just kidding,like any fan I hope we can have more released before he(Lee) gets hit by a bus or eaten by ants.

  17. goodheads Says:

    Check out the podcast for the short but sweet Human Race. More tracks next post / podcast.

  18. Michael Says:

    Great post!!!
    Come on though son….share the wealth, if you have other recordings why not post them…there is an army of people out there that are die hard La’s fans that would love to here them. Great so far though…really looking forward to your next post.

  19. Syl Says:

    getting some shit <–what kind?

    It’s a pity I can’t have this stuff on the forum, considering it is ‘out there’ now.

  20. hobber Says:

    sound man!, rippin tunes an all,lee,s a scouse guru in a mersey-trippen son of gun huyton dreamscape panorama like.

  21. gibbo Says:

    dead right hobber lad!,lee,s tunes just slip-jig the crescent ferry in a last train to bootle type fashion, as the sun sets over birkenhead!

  22. […] Me”) which enjoyed great success in 1999 was a cover version by legendary one-album wonders The Las. The sweet vocal from Sixpence’s Leigh Nash assure the listener of the joys of love ‘racing […]

  23. Matt Rhucroft Says:

    I just heard Mathers was playing Stockton from my cousin… turns out it was John Power. I’m devestated. Will I ever see the man play?

  24. goodheads Says:

    Don’t hold your breath Matt!

  25. If he doesnt want to release anything thats cool,
    he’s an artist,

    you all seem a little vultures’like,

  26. If he doesnt want to release anything thats cool,
    he’s an artist,

    you all seem a little vulture’like,

    4 kids man !.

  27. this partys over , were all stone cold sober

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